The Tao Of Badass Review

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Book Unsolicitedand Independent Review of The Tao of Badass

Tao System Of Badass PDFBook Author: Josh Pellicer 

When I first got this book, needless to say, I was more than skeptical. I had some luck (not much) with women, but really I wanted to use this book to prove that men have no idea what goes on in a woman’s head.

Basically I bought the book to prove it was all nonsense and useless. No man can fully understand women.

You know what I mean. They get emotional and you have no idea why, you value things they view as trash. Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to get a girl, and it’s not easy to understand her, and it’s even harder to keep her attention!

But then I came across a book called The Tao of Badass, and it claimed there are secrets to attracting any woman, through a series of patterns and techniques. At one point in the book, the author, Josh Pellicer claims a man has the ability to know a woman better than SHE KNOWS HERSELF!

So you may be considering purchasing this book. I wanted to write to you, the person thinking about buying the book, but wanted to get some information about what’s in the book, and if it was useful, helpful, and/or valuable in any way.

So on this page, you will learn everything you need to know about the Tao of Badass. I’m going to tell you:

  • What you’ll learn
  • Why it was written (background)
  • About the author
  • If it’s useful
  • My thoughts having used the information
  • If it’s worth grabbing
  • Who will find it useful, if anyone at all

Once I started reading the book, I fully expected it to be written by some extremely attractive guy that is highly success, has money, and finds dating women easy. I thought I’d come away thinking “Yeah, it’s easy for you, but it’s not going to work for every guy.”

I laughed…but then something odd happened…

I realized this was being written by someone that was so afraid of losing his girlfriend that she paralyzed him. He did whatever she said, because he didn’t want to lose her. He’d degrade himself, step outside of his morals and values just to ensure he could still be with her. Can you guess what happened?

Yes, she left. He was devastated. And just like during the relationship when he was paralyzed by the thought of losing her, he remained paralyzed because he lost her. And didn’t know what to do about it.

Can you imagine always being worried someone will leave you, so you’ll do anything they say? But that resulted in Josh having an epiphany…

He set out to learn about women. Their habits. What attracts them. Why they preferred certain men to others. He needed to know everything about the female because he thought that would allow him to keep the next girlfriend…if he could ever find a new girl that was interested in him.

And what Josh discovered was amazing to him and everyone he shared it with…and I’m included in that group that came away amazed because of the information this book arms you with.

Okay, I won’t give it all away, because the book does a masterful job showing you why and how you can attract desired women, even if you are shy and uncomfortable around women.

Personally, I consider it one of the best things I read & it helped me more than I thought it could/would. It’s not gonna teach you about “pickup”… but it WILL teach you about being confident & alpha. As long as you apply the knowledge you read. There’s sooooo much geared towards relationship psychology, which I found to be very useful.

But the discoveries and the process Josh describes are quite amazing. He gives you exclusive information I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

Just to give you an overview of what this book can offer you:

  • How to look for and understand body language
  • The art of seduction and how to use it to your advantage without looking foolish or desperate
  • How to get women come to you, asking for your number
  • Learn how to think like they do, so you can stay one step ahead of them and keep them guessing
  • Learn how to get a woman you really want to chase YOU

You might be wondering how on earth he found this out and what they are. The book goes into more detail but there are some extremely powerful techniques described that once you read them, make perfect sense. While others will just simply blow your mind because you would never this that was the case.

There are very specific “patterns” women go through when deciding whom they would like to date. And this is both biological (old, and natural) and learned (conditioned based on society today).

You can gain instant access to exclusive and powerful information on how to attract desired women including:

  • The 4 step process women automatically go through in their head when evaluating whether to start talking to a guy
  • Why you should NEVER stand face to face with a woman you are interested in and what you should do instead that will increase her attraction to you
  • Why you should stare at a women’s mouth when she talks…you probably thought it was her eyes
  • How to attract a woman that is across the room from you
  • The 3 secrets all men should know because all women subconsciously put you through in, many times without even knowing they are doing it
  • How to use evolution, instinctive female psychology, and the “survival of the fittest” philosophy to gain an incredible advantage when attempting to get a woman attracted to you
  • A deep understanding of the “built in” mechanisms all women have and how to exploit them to your advantage
  • The deeply held seduction process that is continuously happening when you are speaking with or attempting to attract a woman
  • How to know what “stage” of the seduction process you are in at any given moment and how to take advantage of it giving you a powerful position to make her want you and even chase you

I recently read the Tao of Badass and would like to let you all know that the system is solid! Made more sense to me than 99% of all the other material out there and is a great addition to my arsenal.

My verdict after reading the book few times…I think you might know the answer after reading this book review…

Get it now! Seriously it comes with a money back guarantee, no questions!

Look…Maybe you’ve had bad luck with women. Maybe you are shy and don’t feel comfortable approaching a women. You might do pretty well with women but want to gain the advantages that will allow you to get any woman you want. Every time you want them.

Regardless of your situation or experience with women, this book will give you such a significant advantage over any women you desire, basically allowing you to know what she’s thinking every step of the way.

Josh has put together what he calls an “attraction blueprint” that you can use over and over again until you have so many options to choose from, your problem went from getting a girl to choosing which to date from a variety of options!

So if you want to understand women and more importantly, how to attract woman you’d like, this is a MUST HAVE Ebook. The best part, it comes in PDF form so you don’t have to wait to learn these techniques!

Once you take action now, you are going to gain access to bonuses:

  • The Attraction Blueprint
  • The secret 4-step process all women use to evaluate you
  • How to use body language to your advantage and how to read any woman’s body language so you can react in a way that makes you irresistible to her
  • How to attract any woman even if she’s sitting across far from you in a crowded room
  • 3 step test that women subconsciously put men through during the decision making process and how to ace that test every time
  • How to have women chasing you with little effort on your part

Look, I fully intended to RIP THIS BOOK APART! And Prove Josh is Full of It!


Josh Pellicer proves to have carefully studied, tested and put together an “attraction blueprint” so that men can know which part of the seduction process they are in and behave accordingly.

The Tao of Badass Review – Does the Program Get you the Results?

Well…what do we already know?

  • Over 110,000 sold already
  • Copies sold in over 30 different countries

But I wanted to know more about other people’s experiences with it. I spent hours online reading forums and other reviews. I wanted to know if I was the only one that found this book significant to attracting a variety of women I would have never dreamed of approaching.

And what did I find after hours of researching and reading reviews and forums?

People that took action and bought the book knowing it came with a money back guarantee and that you can get it immediately, found it extremely valuable.

All the “pick up artists” forums raved about it.

I couldn’t find a hint of any evidence that anyone had tried it and found it ineffective.

So while it’s worked for me, and obviously many others, I can only say that it’s highly recommended for anyone interested in understanding women and how to date the girl of your dreams.

It’s not perfect; there are flaws and things I didn’t like. I promised to give you the good and the bad…

So here’s the bad…

The idea that patterns and techniques can work on ANY women seems impossible. We are all different. We grew up in different conditions, have all had different experiences, and have specific pet peeves that would be impossible to know up front.

It’s also impossible to know what type of day or week a person is having. What if they just lost their job? What if a guy just dumped her? Is she really going to be receptive to these patterns and techniques?

These are variables that aren’t taken into consideration in the book. So it’s not true that these methods will work every single time. But in my experience, they’ve worked 95% of the time which is good enough for me to recommend it .

There is a lot of material to get through. Some like this, others don’t. It comes with bonus reports, audio commentary, flow charts, and body language material. It’s a lot to get through and digest. So you have to spend the time to get through it all if you want it to work.

There is tremendous value for the money with all of this, just know you’ll need some time to get through all of it. If you are really busy or just looking for quick tips, this is not the book for you. But it does come with cheat sheets, which are extremely helpful.

This is what you get when you buy, (Note* this is taken from the Tao of Badass website):

  • The full set of sexual triggers
  • The 4 step process women use when deciding to sleep with you
  • The 3 step test women subconsciously put you through
  • Early signs that she is putting you on “friend zone” and how to reverse them
  • Strategy and method to keep a woman from cheating on you
  • Step by step process of falling in love for women
  • Reading her body language and eye movements to know what she is thinking
  • Attractive body language, positive body language and dominant body language
  • How to speak to her emotions to make her feel attracted to you
  • Foolproof method to stop “saying the wrong things”
  • Flow chart – step-by-step visual guide for successful interaction
  • How to approach women to create immediate attraction

There is also lifetime support included as a member, which is really fantastic and was unexpected from a book purchase.

badass 4 bonusesThe bonus reports I mentioned that come with your purchase include:

  1. Dating Multiples Report – Guide to dating multiple women and have them love you for it. Ways to avoid cheating and lying and eliminate jealousy
  2. Cheat Proof yourself Report – A method for ensuring that she has eyes for you only
  3. Escaping the “Friend Zone” – Advanced techniques
  4. Guide to Breaking up Report – How to do it without causing pain and suffering and being able to stay friends.
  5. Lifetime access to Tao, Members only Private Community

In addition to those bonuses (I told you there was a lot of information to digest!), you’ll also gain immediate access to:

  1. Module 1 of the “Hacking attraction” course
  2. Audio commentary to the main book
  3. Discover you skills – Program – tests to discover in which of the 4 super skill sets you belong and how to use them to your advantage
  4. Banter cheat sheet – what to say when you walk up to her

Why you should buy it…

So if you want to gain an advantage with women and learn how to land the girl you have your eye on, it’s well worth the price. If you are ready to dive into the material and have time to read it, there is so much value it should cost $250 in my opinion.

Why you should NOT buy it…

However, if you are extremely busy, don’t want to spend time reading, or just want a handful of dating tips, you can find those anywhere. This is for the guy that is willing to put the time in to read it, and then willing to put the time in to test it out.